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Friday, March 27, 2015

Comfortable in Silence

There have been times when I go into prayer and just sit there because I don’t have anything to say and then it seems as if God is silent. This use to frustrate me; I would try to muster up emotion to create an atmosphere, but even in that I would find myself growing weary and back into silence. Then I wondered if God was mad at me? I wondered if I had missed it someplace or am I just too overwhelmed in life to hear? Today it hit me. I need to be comfortable in the silence and accept that I don’t have to say anything. I don’t need to entertain, perform or say elaborate prayers to get God's attention. I only need to trust and believe God is there because He is everywhere. He doesn’t have to say anything or drop heavy revelation each and every time I enter into His presence. I need to trust and believe that He loves me and He cares, even in His silence He has not abandoned me, nor is He ignoring me; I can simply rest in His presence. Having this thought made me think of married couples who have been together for a period of time. It seems that many of them are simply comfortable in silence. You will see them out and about you know they love one another but they are not over doing it in their interactions together…they are just together. It has taken me years of being a Christian to understand this...so glad I got it now. Amen.

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