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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Oh no she didn't!!!

I have not always been saved. The old girl will look for an opportunity to resurrect herself and get into some mess. So, I was at the movies last weekend with the girls and the theatre was practically empty. We were on the right row, but in the wrong seats. A couple comes in, male and female and the female starts cussing and going off--even dropped the "F" bomb about her seats. In my mind I am like "Lady! Just sit anywhere...the theatre is empty, not a BIG deal!" Then she starts talking about me like I am not hearing what she's saying, "I am not a good parent and what am I teaching the girls?"etc. Just going in on me...I am refuting her comments under my breath, "The devil is a liar!" But I still didn't say anything yet. So they sat down to the left of me, I was sitting next to her guy and he was trying to calm her down, but she refused to listen to him. I was as cool as a cucumber eating popcorn, looked over at her and back to the movie. I think "that" sent her over the edge. While she was still fussing and cussing ridiculously at this point and dropped the "F" bomb again I knew I was dealing with a demonic spirit, so I said "Holy Spirit, how should I handle this?" The old me was like," I wanna cuss!!! Let me handle her, slap her, shake her or SOMETHING!" LOL So I sat up and I looked over to her and said, "I apologize ma'am, we don't have a problem switching seats, but all this cussing and you talking about what kind of parent I am and what I am teaching my kids is out of line. You are being extremely disrespectful and rude. We are Christians and your language not acceptable." I pulled a Clair Huxtable on her. She sat there looking all pitiful and then got up and left the building. I just refused to get into it with anyone and ruin my "girl’s day out" with my babies. That incident could have gotten out of control. As I am typing this, the Lord reminded me "A soft answer turns away wrath" (Proverbs 15:1).

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