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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Walking us Through our Weaknesses

My daughter Karli was born with complications. Glory to God, she continues to grow despite her weaknesses. Many of the complications have impacted her balance and coordination-- however, I praise The Lord for wholeness in every area of her life. We recently moved into an apartment that requires us to go up one flight of stairs. Today going down the stairs she almost fell forward because she was looking up admiring the stars. Gratefully, I was holding her hand and caught her before she actually tumbled down the flight and really hurt herself. As I am typing this I have no clue how to interpret what happened. But the good part is God will catch us when we are off distracted by things that are not sinful, but the timing of our focus can cause great harm to our destiny and purpose. During those times God will intervene, protect us, and redirect us to save us from ourselves and make sure we are on track with His plan. Going up and down this flight of stairs has been a challenge for Karli. At times I wonder if I should have selected a first level space, but I realize her going up and down is building her balance and coordination. The very area of weakness is being challenged day in and day out and she is learning to master the stairs. She is learning to build her confidence and I am right there with her, making sure I give her the support she needs. God is walking us through our challenges as well. The areas of weakness are being confronted so that we can be mature in Christ. Through it all, He is building our character and spiritual muscles. He is perfecting us in our weakness and His grace is sufficient because He will always give us the support we need. I am so grateful to God for His willingness to walk us through.

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