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Friday, April 3, 2015


Today I went to the gym to work out. I walked upstairs to the elliptical machines, but as I approached I could smell a sweet fragrance. I stepped up to the machine and pressed a few buttons, but continued to smell the sweet fragrance. I realized it was the lady who was working out to my left. She was really getting it in. I was impressed with her intensity. The odd part was, the harder she worked out, the sweeter the scent. I thought wow...that's different! Most people get a little funky during a workout LOL. And then I started to think about our spiritual walks and the fragrance we may leave behind. When people approach us, do they feel love and experience a sweet scent or do they leave feeling a negative spirit? When life goes into overdrive and the trials come are we still sweet or do we get bitter? For me the goal is to endure the hard times without losing heart and without falling out of love with God and myself. Life will deal us difficult times, but we have to maintain our sweet fragrance by trusting God to be with us through it all.

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