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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Why Pornography is Bad

A sister in Christ shared with me how she had been experiencing demonic attacks in her sleep. She was being held down and sexually attacked by demonic spirits. Come to find out her husband was struggling with a porn addiction and masturbation. Both of them are intercessors and because they are one flesh in the spirit she was being attacked by the demons her husband opened the door to. Many people reading this might say, "Porn is not a bad thing." But in actuality it is hatched in hell. God created sex, but He did not intend for strangers to come together, create sexually explicit videos and images so that we can watch it for our enjoyment. What is on the rise is it's not just men who struggle with porn women struggle with it as well. Sometimes being single we justify masturbation and pornography by saying, "At least I am not sleeping around." Ok, but that is also a lie from the pit. Another person might believe they are not capable of getting anyone because they are not attractive, what else can they do, but watch porn and masturbate?...Truth be told, another lie from the pit. We are free in Christ, but we cannot use this liberty to commit sin while we are under grace. Sexual sin has to be the biggest and toughest stronghold in the Body of Christ. There was a Christian conference in Texas and many of the attendees stayed at this particular hotel. The hotel reported the highest viewing of pornography that weekend! So sad, but true. Let's look at Scripture: If a man or woman looks on another person as if to lusts in his/her heart, adultery has already been committed (Matthew 5: 27-28). Every sin a man or woman commits outside of the body is a sin against his/her own body (1 Cor 6:18). The Lord wants us to be sexually pure. We have to guard our minds against images that cause us to lust and entice feelings in the heart and mind. Seeing someone naked is reserved for couples who are married. We cannot continue to justify sin. The Bible says, "Submit to God, resist the devil and he will flee (James 4:7). Pornography is not of God. Finally, another popular question in defense of immorality, "What if a couple watches it together?" My question is, "Why do you need to? Why invite those demonic spirits into you home?" God has provided everything we need to enjoy our spouses. There are ways to be creative in the bedroom without violating godly principles.

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