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Monday, May 11, 2015

We Cannot Ignore

I was sitting at the table struggling with a tangled headset. Initially I thought to just not even bother untangling it, but the determined side of me said, "Let's get it!" So I started in on the process...knocking out the large tangles with precision and ease...But when it came to the small tight tangles, I had to focus and use more effort. In all actuality I considered using the headset with the small knots because it still worked and they were small, no big deal. But then it hit me. Sometimes we will allow those little things in our character that oppose Scripture to remain without addressing them. The little things are not like adultery and fornication, but it is an issue or a flaw that God can clearly help you with like lying, anger and gossiping. Even though you are maturing in God and have yielded to the Holy Spirit with the BIG things, it is the little things that can delay the manifestations of God's promises in your life. Song of Solomon 2:15 says, "The little foxes destroy the vine." We cannot ignore the warnings in Scripture because after while, those little things will nip away at our garden and all of the work that has been done will be ravaged.

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