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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Real Talk #1

I decided to wear heels and walking back to the car was beginning to seem like a chore. As soon as my pinky toe began to scream for help, a guy pulls up in a golf cart asking if we were parked across the street in the other parking lot. Let me tell you there were thousands of people walking near us and for him to spot us in the crowd and ask where we were parked was God--especially when my baby toe was screaming. LOL Not only that, but this guy was so fine! He was tall, dark and handsome...I am praying in my spirit, "God help me NOT to lust!" It's so bad because he was nice, handsome and serving at church. Goodness! I am in love with Jesus and I could not help but notice how handsome and single he was. So, as we are hopping off I am like, "Ok nice, thank you for the ride!"....NEXT I take the girls to lunch and the server walks up....dark skin, bald head, fine AND smelling good! Then I started talking to myself..."Lord just let me keep eyes on this menu and the girls..." I don't want to look in his eyes at all. And then we started ordering our food...Now when the food started coming to the table--I began to shift the dishes around and so that he could place the other plates down. He stopped me and said, "I do not want you to lift a finger!" I was like, "Wooooo hooo!" in my head....sounds so good to me! It seems that my type may be tall, dark, handsome, and saved. :)

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