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Monday, May 11, 2015

Name Dropping

I worked in the entertainment industry for almost 10 years and was surrounded by famous people on a daily basis, but it was not a big deal--it was a part of the territory. When I moved to Atlanta I noticed many people considered themselves important by association; meaning because they had a relationship with a certain famous individual that made them important. Honestly, it was the most annoying thing EVER! I grew weary of hearing stories about their relationships and picture posting...no shade, but I was like, "I really don't care who you work for or with, just be you!" I will not like you more or less because of who you are connected to....I want to get to know you as a person. If they no longer had that role or relationship, does that mean they are a nobody in their minds? Probably so because they spend so much time making sure everyone knows about their position. Accepting Christ as Lord and Savior may make us a target to the enemy, but it makes us blessed in Heavenly places. We are a royal priesthood and a chosen generation. It doesn't matter what I do for a living that makes me important...having God in my heart makes me important. Not in a haughty way, but in a grateful way. Who we work for or who we know is passing away...a relationship with God is eternal which is the most important thing to have in this life.

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