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Monday, February 2, 2015

Bruised on the Outside

Today, I saw a banana in our fruit rack and it was black in some spots and bruised on the outside. I thought to myself, "It's probably bruised on the inside. I need to eat this one before it goes bad!" I quickly peeled it only to find out, it was perfect on the inside. No bruising, no discoloration. It was whole. The Holy Spirit began to deal with me and said, "Yes you have been beat up on the outside, and yes you have been bruised, but you are still all together on the inside!" I began to praise God because like most of us, my life has been full of challenges and bad decisions....more than I am willing to admit to anyone. God said, I am still all together....that ministered to my heart
because some people don't recover from traumatic trials. But I did and you did! The God we serve is a deliverer and a way maker. I love Him. Father, I thank you for making a way out of no way. I thank you for delivering me from every trial, every heart break and every demonic attack. I love you Lord and praise You for who You are and for ALL that you do. In Jesus name, the Christ. Amen.

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