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Saturday, February 14, 2015

No More to Give

I am one of those people who will use shower gel until it is completely gone from the bottle. I will hit it against my sponge or towel. I will stand it upside down to make sure everything has run down to the opening. Once it's gone, I may even run a little bit of water into the container, swish it around and then pour it on to the towel to bathe. When I hit the shower gel bottle on to the towel today, I repeated the motion over and over trying to get every drop. The Holy Spirit said, "Sometimes, we try to pull something from a relationship that has run dry". We talk and talk...think and think about how to do things differently, when it's time to lay this relationship down and move on. The person has nothing more to give you and you have nothing left for the person. Facing that reality is hard for most people. You have been together several years, somewhat comfortable, but not productive. There is no challenge, excitement or purpose...but God wants us moving forward. If the relationship no longer works and you have tried everything to make it work, it's time to move on. Just like it was time to buy another bottle of shower gel, change means taking action. Father in the name of Jesus, God, help us to know when to walk away from relationships that no longer have the capacity for us. Help us Father to not spend our wheels attempting to revive something that is dead and dry...Let us truly understand when it's time to move on Lord. Life is short and we want your best... In Jesus, name. Amen.

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