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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Sexual Sin

I have been watching this show 19 Kids and Counting. They are a Christian family but what is interesting is the young adults who are at dating age cannot go out on a date without a chaperon-- to avoid inappropriate touching and premarital sex. Honestly, I could not believe my eyes. This was unheard of in my day and even now but it protects them emotionally and spiritually, which is a great thing! Sexual sin is one of the biggest strongholds in the Body of Christ yet we refuse to talk about it.... Many Believers are hitting the strip clubs on the low, viewing live nude webcam, masturbating, having sex outside of marriage, and in same sex relationships etc. This is not to judge anyone, it is to clarify the will of the Lord. The Bible says, "Be ye holy for I am holy!" 1 Peter 1:16. Being holy means we are dedicated and consecrated to God. If we love God we will keep His commandments and do what He asks of us which is to abstain from sexual relations until marriage. I am not putting this out there to point the finger, it is to encourage all of us, single and married alike. The struggle is real and there is a real battle for our souls. Sex is one of the BIGGEST strongholds and has many Christians in bondage because they feel like they cannot stop having sex! We all know sex is a great thing! It was designed by God for two people who love each other to enjoy in the context of marriage. Once we decide to do our own thing...we invite the consequences of sin into our lives, which is death in one form or another. I have struggled in this area on and off since I was a child of abuse and even after becoming a Christian. It hurts deeply when you desire to be intimate with someone you love and it's not time. I have cried because of loneliness and the desire in my flesh to be held and wanting to take matters into my own hands and resisted those feelings. It's not easy. I know first hand,but with God all things are possible. The other side is I believe we are created with an innate desire for companionship, but it has to be in God's will if we are believers and followers of Christ. My former Pastor said, "Sinners sin! Why are we surprised at what they are doing?" But, if you are a born again Christian who is having sex and unmarried... it's sin, period. If you are self pleasing with toys and such, watching porn to assist...repent, go to God in humility and ask Him to cleanse your mind, spirit and help you to abstain from sex. Wait on the mate He has for you. He will make a way of escape but we have to yield our members to Him and He will help us.

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