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Friday, February 27, 2015

I Want That Daddy!

At dance class, a little girl came in with her dad and saw another child coloring. He had a boatload of crayons in a really nice container. When she saw the crayons piled high she began to scream over and over, "I want that daddy!" She was normally the quiet one to herself, but when she saw something she wanted she became aggressive, pushy, and loud. The other child practically ignored her because they were his crayons. But she insisted, only to have her dad escort her out. I have seen many women and men meet someone they feel is perfect for them. This person of interest looks and has all of the qualities they have ever dreamed of -- only to find out after pursuing them, this person is not for you. I remember when I first moved to Atlanta. I was determined to become a successful real estate agent. I knew what Broker I wanted to work with. I met other agents. I enrolled in the courses. I spent the time studying, but when it came time to pass the test, I would miss it by a point or two. I took the test 3 times and each time I did not pass. I knew I had studied hard, prayed and did everything I knew to do which was so very frustrating. God had blessed me as an investor, so I thought for sure it was the business to go in to. After a while, I accepted that it wasn't God's will for me to become an agent. I know I would have ended up chasing money instead of chasing God. Just like the little girl, sometimes we demand our way and God being the loving Father He is will work with us because He cares so much. Only to realize it is not a part of His plan. Sometimes God will not allow us to have what we want because we will turn and start worshiping the thing instead of worshiping God. We have to make sure we understand the will of God. We just cannot want things because they are shiny and could be a great way to become rich. Not saying being rich is a bad thing...it's when it becomes our god. A friend of mine said, "Everything that is shiny ain't God!" Yet, I am still learning to be discerning and hold my plans loosely. God knows what is best and I do not want to struggle with God trying to get my way because of something that "seems" to be a "good" thing. Father in the name of Jesus the Christ, help us not to go after the "good" thing, but please confirm Your will so that we will continue to go after the God thing. In Jesus name, the Christ--Amen.

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