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Friday, April 17, 2015

Placing demands during times of uncertainty

Some years ago when I did not understand what was happening in my life, I started placing demands on God. I was bored. I went from work, to church, and back to work again. I did not have a social life. When I was in the world I partied sometimes 3-4 times per week. I enjoyed people and having a great time. Now that I was in church, I wondered why my life had turned boring. I prayed to God because I felt like I would return to the club and hang out with old friends if I did not connect with a group of brothers and sisters in church. Now older in The Lord during times of uncertainty I have learned to pray and trust God with placing demands. It's not easy because I want to work things out on my own, but trusting God during times of uncertainty shows a level of maturity. It says, "God I trust that you are working things out for my good, even though I do not understand what is happening in my life". I believe when we truly grasp the concept of God's love, we will not worry or feel uncertain about anything.

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