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Monday, April 6, 2015

Queen of Sabotage

Emotional baggage that has not been given over to God will sabotage every single opportunity and relationship that comes into your life. Soon after you will look up and realize nothing is working out for you and it's not other people, it's you, the Queen of Sabotage. Father in the name of Jesus the Christ, I thank you Lord for healing the wounds in my heart from the past. Holy Spirit, teach me how to not have unrealistic expectations from others. Show me how to set healthy boundaries from the beginning of friendships and relationships so that our interactions are fruitful and functional. God, I desire intimacy, but let it be at the right time and with the appropriate people. Let me not get ahead of myself because of loneliness or desperation. Help me to see every day as a gift and not rush to get to the end of a thing instead of simply enjoying the journey. In my relationships God, I thank you that I ALWAYS understand my value, my gifts, my talents and my abilities. I thank you for the boldness and courage to share my gifts and not hide them under a bushel. Jesus, I am praying that I will never fall into people pleasing to avoid conflict, but that I will walk in the Spirit and confront the issues in myself and in others when it's appropriate. Help me not to over analyze things, people or opportunities, but to trust that I am being led by your Spirit in all that I say and do. In Jesus name! Amen.

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