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Thursday, April 23, 2015

When it Still Hurts

I cut my my pinky finger trying to open nail polish. Even though it is a small cut, it hurts sooooooooo bad because of where it's located. Anytime I reach for anything and grab hold of it, I feel pain. This pain reminds me that my finger is not healed yet. As I am typing this, The Holy Spirit is reminding me about my heart because there are areas that still require healing. As a human being it is natural to desire a relationship, but if there are preexisting areas in my emotions and heart that are hurting it's best to allow God to finish the work. The warning is if I reach to soon, I will end up hurting the other person or hurting myself. Just like this cut on my finger, I have to take it easy and protect it in order to make sure it heals well. And if I do not protect my finger, this pain will last longer than it needs to. If I do not protect my heart, I will be hurting longer than I anticipated. THE BOTTOM LINE IS: We cannot rush healing. We cannot pretend the pain does not exist. We have to acknowledge our pain and give it to God so that He can tend to it and heal us completely. Definition of heal: Become sound or healthy again.

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